Pang+ - An enhanced version of a brilliant Arcade game for the Amstrad Plus and GX4000!

In 1989 the Mitchell Corporation released the top of its class Arcade game ' Pang ', which was later ported over to a multitude of systems by Ocean including the C64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum Amiga, MS-DOS and Atari ST. In this up to two player game you had to destroy bouncing balloons terrorizing global landscapes, but had to be really careful as most of them when shot split off into smaller but even more balloons! Now thanks to SyX and RedAngel, an enhanced version of this classic game, has been released for the Amstrad CPC Plus and GX4000!

Kommando Urbex - Another Amstrad CPC game release by Altanerus Dog

Thanks to another heads up by both XeNoMoRPH and Saberman, we've been told that Altanerus Dog has released a new Amstrad CPC Adventure game of 'Kommando Urbex'. A game in which you must not only explore an old agricultural complex from the 17th century to investigate strange events, but you must find out what has happened to two other colleagues that have disappeared. In light of this news that was sent to us just moments ago, we have some new footage of the game which as ever can be viewed further down the page.

ARLO - Check out this awesome ZX Spectrum game by Packobilly

If you're looking for a very cool game to play right now at home on your speccy, then we have just been told by Saberman through Facebook, that you can now play Packobilly's high quality ZX Spectrum game of 'Arlo'. A game that isn't just a platformer filled with dangerous enemies, but playing as an Alien called Arlo, that has landed on Earth, you must recover a series of objects that is of vital importance. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a video of the game being played.

Party Speedway Extended - A high speed tiny pixel sprite C64 racing game is teased

I'm a huge top down racing fan, from games such as Micro Machines to Supercars and Indy Heat on the Amiga. Well here's another top down racing game you might like to try that was recently teased on the Commodore 64, it's 'Party Speedway Extended' via K&A plus; An upcoming enhanced version of a tiny sprite racing game that originally came 1st place at the WiLD Demo Competition at Teddy Beer C=64 Party way back in 2022. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a new video showing the current build of the game which will be feature complete this April 2024.

Foggys Quest - John Blythe‎'s ZX Spectrum hit arrives on the Amstrad CPC

I've just found out through Twitter that John Blythe, the same creator behind the excellent 'The Incredible Shrinking Professor' and the electrically charged 'Circuitry', has teamed up with Ayor61 and released the Amstrad CPC and GX4000 version of 'Foggy's Quest': a charming looking platformer that was previously released for the ZX Spectrum and is a far cry from his recent adventure horror game ' The Darkness of Raven Wood '. To coincide with this news, make sure to check out the latest gameplay videos provided by both Saberman and XeNoMoRPH.

Mutant Mushrooms - This Robotron style shooter looks great on the ZX Spectrum

Bit of a late hour news story from us at Indie Retro News, as thanks to Saberman contacting us through Facebook, he has told us that The Death Squad, has made available the rather cool looking Robotron style shooter for the ZX Spectrum called 'Mutant Mushrooms'. A game in which he came across, when he opened an old ZX Spectrum folder looking for some games after the delivery of the ZX Spectrum Next. Although he does state "There's a few more unfinished games in that folder I'll endeavor to finish and release at some point".

Abu Simbel Profanation Extended - Classic ZX Spectrum platformer ported to the C64 and extended in 2017/18 (Re-released via itch io?)

Prepare to scream profanity at your keyboard because one of the "most difficult games of Spanish Software History" has been re-released as a converted and extended version to the C64. This game titled as 'Abu Simbel Profanation' was the third in the Johnny Jones Saga and was originally released in 1985 for the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX. The game was developed by Victor Ruiz and released by Dinamic Software in Spain (and Gremlin Graphics throughout the rest of Europe).

FLEA! 2 - Liked VVVVV? Then you might like this NES demo by LowtekGames

Next up on the list of demos available to download and play, and yet another upcoming NES game to be announced through itch io, is a new game for the NES by LowtekGames called FLEA! 2; a very challenging VVVVV style game that will aim for funding through Kickstarter at some point during Feb 29th. To coincide with this news if you like games that will challenge you to the point of screaming at the screen in frustration but you keep coming back for more, then make sure to check out the trailer and in depth game details below.

WinUAE 5.2.0 - The latest Amiga emulator release!

After many months of beta updates with a ton of fixes and improvements, today is the day that Toni Wilen has released a brand new WinUAE version 5.2.0. This is probably the best version of the Amiga emulator so far, as it features not just MacroSystem DraCo emulation but American Laser Games, PicMatic statefile support, Retina Z2 and Z3/Altais RTG board emulation and much more. I highly recommend everyone who has the previous version of WinUAE to update, especially if you like playing great Amiga games on your PC with better support. Change log is as follows..

Jump 'n Bump - Multiplayer mayhem with Cute bunnies in this WIP Commodore Amiga OCS game!

It wasn't long ago now that we gave you the heads up, that the 1998 game of ' Jump 'n Bump ', which was released for MS-DOS and as a later remastered version, was coming to the Commodore Amiga, by none other than Earok of the Scorpion Engine. Well if you've been waiting for more news on this game, we are pleased to tell you that as of today, you can try out the latest beta version that essentially contains the core feature set from the original game. Although the creator does state , it hasn't been well tested yet so there may be bugs yet to be found or fixed.

Savage Princess 2 - A Charmingly creepy platformer for the ZX Spectrum by Monsters Legs Productions

Once more the ZX Spectrum is getting a great game mention, as thanks to both Monsters Legs Productions and also our good friend Tez Rowlands contacting us just recently, we've been told you really should be checking out the action packed game of 'Savage Princess 2' for the ZX Spectrum. A game that isn't just your usual platformer, but it also has dark overtones filled with dripping acid/ooze and deadly enemies. To coincide with this news story, you can check out some footage of the game which was released some time ago through BitmapSoft. 

Neon World - An early Arcade shooter for the Amiga by cobour, with a new demo build

Thanks to Saberman contacting us just moments ago through Facebook, that he has told us that Cobour has made available another early build of his/her in progress Shoot-em-up hobby-project for the Amiga called 'Neon World'. A game that when finished, is likely to feature difficult areas to traverse, multiple enemy types, great tunes by Krzysztof Odachowski and so much more. To coincide with this news, you can see the latest footage of this work in progress game also provided by Saberman below.

Bubble Bobble looks great on the Atari 7800!

Prepare to have your minds blown , especially if you have an Atari 7800! As we have just found through Liqmatrix, that during Jan of this year, OldStyle and Bobby Clark had released an update to their incredible work in progress Atari 7800 conversion/port of the Arcade game of 'Bubble Bobble'. A game that has infuriated and thrilled us in equal measure on our home computers since its original release around the year of 1987 to 1989! To coincide with this news, while we wait for some up to date footage from Saberman, here's some gameplay footage from last month of the game.

Alice Sisters - After 3 years of development this game is now available for the Atari Falcon computer

Every time I post the latest Commodore Amiga news, I always get the same response through Facebook , with one such user saying " Atari Falcon When? ". Well thankfully today we can help you out! As thanks to Liqmatrix contacting us the other day, he has told us that OrionSoft has made available the Atari Falcon game of 'Alice Sisters'. A new puzzle platformer with 28 levels in 4 worlds and a 2 players co-op mode that can be seen being played in this latest footage provided below.

Kielbasa Empire - A high quality WIP C64 game from Ordered Chaos Design gets a new demo

The news just keeps on coming, as just moments ago we were informed by our good friend and Youtubber Saberman, that Ordered Chaos Design has made available a new demo for their upcoming C64 game 'Kielbasa Empire'; A rather cool looking game which isn't just about farming and feeding your piggies, but fighting off attackers that are out to do you harm. To coincide with this news story, Saberman has also done a playthrough showing different parts to this rather eye opening game from Ordered Chaos Design.