Missile Command on the Amiga and it looks great!

The iconic Atari game Missile Command didn't get the best of ports even on the C64 (I don't think it ever got an official Amiga port) although the Atari ST got one at least! So fans of the frenetic arcade blaster should definitely check out this latest game written by "Kev_G" of Towerbyte Developments from 2020, it's Amiga Missile Command; an Arcade quality port with requirements of just an Amiga with 512KB ram.

Huntdown - A kick ass shooter by Easy Trigger Games appears on GOG and Steam

If you're looking for a new indie game that's got plenty of action, kick ass moves and retro-aesthetics throughout, then have we got just the game for you! Welcome to 'Huntdown'; a retro style shoot em up that not only takes place in a post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk setting, but it also draws its inspiration from old arcade shooters like Contra and Metal Slug, while adding tactical elements like taking cover behind walls and alleys and jumping up and down from platforms just like in the Rolling Thunder games. 

Polar Panic - A new WIP Amiga OCS game with a chippy soundtrack!

With all the Amiga game announcements this year you'd think the Amiga scene would take a break from announcing new games, but no chance of that any time soon thankfully ;). As Earok has just given us another heads up on the Scorpion Engine Facebook page, that a new Amiga game is coming called 'Polar Panic'; A work in progress Arcade Platformer from Gaz Marshall, that is being created using the rather popular Scorpion Engine.

Mutants from the Deep - An awesome looking game for the MSX by Locomalito and team (Windows May 27th)

Fabulous news has just hit our inbox and one I think MSX gamers across the globe will be excited for, as Locomalito, the same designer behind games such as the fantastic Ghouls 'n Ghosts style game of Maldita Castilla, and the awesome shoot em up teamed up with Gryzor87 for 'Super Hydorah', has announced the release of MUTANTS FROM THE DEEP; a fantastic looking under water shooting game that is available for the MSX and will also be released soon for Windows.

The Last Squadron - A great Atari shoot em up from 2020 gets another enhancement tease!

In 2020 Janusz and Michal released the brilliant Arcade shoot em up of ' The Last Squadron ' for the Atari XL/XE ABBUC competition, which didn't just feature great graphics and sound effects, but also had an amazing amount of colors and action on screen at the same time. Well if you read our previous article, stating that Sikorsoft will be releasing a far more impressive version of that game from 2020, then as of today you can view a new trailer showing what the game will offer within the 8 levels shown.

Pitman - A challenging puzzler for the MSX by Under4Mhz

Another entry in the MSX Dev 2021 competition and one that yet again will challenge your brains possibly to frustration, is Under4Mhz new Puzzler called Pitman: An MSX 32KB game in which you need to collect all the diamonds in each of the many levels, while avoiding being crushed by boulders, or stuck in a hole. So think of a puzzle game that has some similarities to Boulder Dash albeit with a lot more thinking required!

Krogharr - Inviyya creator turns his attention to a new Amiga fighting game

Right from the word go, we were one of the first gaming websites to give you the heads up about TIGERSKUNK's amazing Shoot 'em up of Inviyya; a game with amazing scrolling graphics, super action, great sound effects, and a real hark back to days of R-Type or Project-X. Well time has passed since its release, as this week the same developer has now announced a new fighting coming to the Amiga called 'Krogharr'; a new OCS fighting game which has been teased with a couple of new screenshots.

Cross Horde - Stop the Horde in this new C64 and Plus/4 game by Fabrizio Caruso

When you've just stepped into an apocalyptic world, lost with no food and all but the screams of other human's being eaten alive by deadly Zombies, then you know you're either playing a Zombie game or watching a new show on TV. Sure enough here's another one to whet your appetite, Cross Horde developed by Fabrizio Caruso; a new C64 and Plus/4 game which pits you against a horde of Zombies, as a new Shoot 'em up with just a bow and arrow to keep you company!