Kung Fu Master - Amiga conversion of a classic Arcade game in dev via Mcgeezer (Very first teaser!)

While many of you are still playing the excellent Arcade conversion of 'Rygar' or the brilliant Arcade conversion of 'Turbo Sprint' on the Amiga, there's another development you might be interested in, although far from finished (first teaser!), and that's Kung Fu Master by Mcgeezer. Yes indeed this game which appeared in the 1980's in the Arcades that was later released on many different systems including the Atari 2600, C64 and other 8bit's, will be coming to the Amiga as a full game by the same dev behind both Rygar and Turbo Sprint.

W.A.R - A BBC Micro game from 1986 makes its way on to the Atari XL/XE

Don't worry Atari XL/XE owners we haven't forgotten about you, as just moments ago thanks to our good friend Saberman contacting us through Facebook, we've been told Fandal and Poison has ported the BBC Micro game 'W.A.R' over to the Atari XL/XE. A top down scrolling Shoot em up which was originally developed by Michael Archer and released in 1986 by Martech, which also saw an Amstrad CPC version supporting one of the first commercial mice in the form of the AMX Mouse.

Circuits and Shields – The Next Generation MOBA, previewed by Cola Powered Gamer

MOBA is one of the most popular new genres in recent years, is about to get its newest entry. Circuits and Shields, is as the developer Koza Games puts it,  “The Modern Gamer’s MOBA”.As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, is also applied here. Circuits and Shields (or Circuits, for short), is a 5v5 team combat game, but with a few twists. Centered around game modes with non-stop action, the games also feature “Blessings”, a sort of rogue-lite buffs and mini-games, which will make each game more memorable.

Turbo Tomato - A highly explosive arena battle game available as a Deluxe Edition

It's a late night news story for all you Amiga owners, as we've just been told through twitter, that a super duper deluxe version of a new game has been released as 'Turbo Tomato'; a game that was developed by NIVRIG GAMES and published by BITMAP SOFT, as a highly-explosive arena battle game with requirements of just an Amiga 500 or an Amiga CD32 and above. To coincide with this news story, the team behind the game have released some new screenshots viewable below.

Boxx 4 - Lemming880's Boxx game trilogy sequel is getting a Scorpion development

As an Amiga owner and a fan of homebrew releases I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable Lemming880's platformer ' Boxx 2 ' and ' Boxx 3 ' was on the Amiga system, especially with added bright and bold colourful detail. Both of these games were developed using backbone and required you the player to collect as many coins as possible, while avoiding deadly traps, killing bad bosses and aiming to reach the exit to complete the level. 

Selaco - A GZDoom masterpiece in the making?

With the resurgence of old-school shooters in recent years, we also saw several games being made using old engines, which is a commendable feat. Selaco, is the latest retro FPS, but this one is being developed in GZDoom (a source port of the original DOOM engine), with devs citing DOOM, Quake, and FEAR as its primary influences. One of the main features is that the AI of DOOM has been vastly overhauled and is now much more tactical and clever, similar to the AI seen in FEAR. They will adapt, and behave differently depending on your playstyle.

Heli 1983 - A challenging C64 game with a cool soundtrack gets a part 2

Yet another C64 game has appeared in our inbox of retro goodness, as we've recently been informed via Saberman, that if you head on over to the CSdb link below, you can download the latest arcade game from Drachenberg Studios called 'Heli 1983 - Part 2' ; The sequel to a C64 game set in 1983, whereby playing as a heli pilot and transported to an Alien headquarters on Mars, you must destroy them once and for all and find your way back to Earth.

POLAR BEAR IN SPACE! - An Action packed game from Unrolled Loop Studios LLC is coming soon to a C64 near you

The C64 news just keeps on coming, as if Muddy Racers wasn't enough to whet your appetite, then you might be interested to learn, that Psytronik Software in association with RGCD, will soon be releasing the C64 game of 'POLAR BEAR IN SPACE' developed by Unrolled Loop Studios LLC; an absolutely stunning debut release, in which you take control of an extremely cute Polar Bear in his quest to run, jump and zap through various alien-infested levels whilst collecting krystals.