From Below - A great Tetris style game recently released for the NES is coming to the Game Boy

If you loved the 1984 game of Tetris or the 1989 game of Columns then you might like this latest news story featured here on IRN. As trawling through Facebook today, we have found out that the previously released NES game of ' From Below '; a game which gained positive feedback such as "This NES title was a great surprise", is now being developed for the Gameboy! As in the words of the creator Matt Hughson " I've started porting my NES game From Below to the Game Boy, shown here is the GB Color version running on Super Game Boy with a custom border".

Foryster - A simple MSX1 / SG-1000 game as a variation on Montezuma's Revenge

In the early 80's many of us had the pleasure of playing the adventure platformer 'Montezuma's Revenge' on the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Apple II, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, IBM PC, Sega Master System and even the ZX Spectrum (as Panama Joe). It combined treasure hunting, lots of rooms, puzzle solving and deadly traps and enemies that needed to be avoided almost as if you were playing as Indiana Jones himself. But now once again we look towards a new game in that style, as siudym has released his own variation of Montezuma's Revenge for the MSX/SG-1000 called 'Foryster'.

Golden Axe Tyris Flare Edition - A graphical replacement hack available for the Sega Master System

In 1989 Sega released the incredible side scrolling, beat 'em up, hack and slash fighter for the Arcades and for the Mega Drive/Genesis. It involved lots of weapon swiping against enemies and big bosses, riding mythical beasts, different levels, picking up potions, calling forth great power and giving the player the choice of a multitude of different characters. It just had to be the amazing ' Golden Axe '; a game which was also ported to other home systems such as DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad, C64, SMS, and ZX Spectrum.

Zooming Secretary Going Panic - A frenetic challenging game available for the ZX Spectrum via PCNONOGames

The news is still looking good this week for the ZX Spectrum, as trawling through the website, we've found out albeit rather late, that you can download and play PCNONOGames latest ZX title of Zooming Secretary - Going Panic; a frenetic challenging game originally released on the NES and later the Sega Mega Drive, whereby you have to answer the phone and check files according to the call as soon as possible or you might get fired. - Oh and beware of your bosses and other fellows too!

Drag & Drop - A new Block Puzzle game released for the Amiga by Electric Black Sheep

I'm terrible at Puzzle games! Not only that, but trying to write an article regarding anything Puzzle related just isn't my strong point. Still if you like puzzle games and have an Amiga, you might like this latest news story, as Electric Black Sheep has recently released a new Amiga game called Drag & Drop; a game that not only features an easy and survivor mode, but also time attack, extreme, baby, unpredictable, inverse and virus.

Inspector Inch - Unreleased Isometric ZX Spectrum game sees the light of day

There are a lot of readers on our site that remember and have enjoyed the 1980's Isometric games from Ultimate Play the Game, such as Gunfright, Pentagram and even Knight Lore on systems such as the Amstrad, C64 or ZX Spectrum. So you can see why I just had to mention this cool little game that has just been lost and found, and that's Inspector Inch; an isometric ZX Spectrum game created by Jeffrey Fuge in 1989 that is now available to play!

PAC-MAN - Another ZX Spectrum version of Pac Man appears!

There have been many Pac-Man games mentioned on Indie Retro News, from Jr. Pac-Man on the Intellivision, a Pac-Man game on the Pico-8, and even the latest Pac-Hack on the ZX Spectrum (All of these vary in style to the 1980's hit classic that can still be found today sitting as a port beside an Atari 2600). Well here we are with another Pac-Man game, as we've just found out trawling through the website that GLDM Games has released his version of PAC-MAN which yet again has been made available for the ZX Spectrum.

Black Dawn TechnoMage - The next Amiga AGA game in the Black Dawn Saga gets a demo!

We've featured many Dungeon Crawlers on Indie Retro News, from Black Dawn Rebirth which is a high grade crawler as the 7th episode of the Black Dawn Dungeon Crawler/RPG series by Colin Vella, Shaun Watters, Ten Shu and Mike Richmond. To ' The Shadows of Sergoth '; a game which blew many of us away with fast coded graphics, deadly monsters and cool loot to find throughout that's still available to order through Double Sided Games. Well fast forward to today and do we have some great news for you, as Black Dawn TechnoMage; the next Dungeon Crawler in the Black Dawn Saga, has just got its first Amiga demo for you to try!

Duke Nukem 3D - Another Classic MS-DOS FPS makes its way on to the Amiga via BSZili! (68060 required)

Another great heads up for all the Amiga owners out there, well ones that can run it anyway, is the classic first person shooter of ' Duke Nukem 3D ', has been ported over to the Amiga by BSzili as the first public test for you to try. Originally developed by 3D Realms back in the 90's, Nuke Nukem was not only a commercial hit selling about 3.5 million copies, but in the United States alone it was the 12th best-selling computer game in the period from 1993 to 1999, with 950,000 units sold (wiki).

Bat Boy - A super cool in development retro inspired adventure platformer gets a PC demo!

If you're looking for a new indie demo that's got plenty of action, kick ass moves and retro-aesthetics throughout, then have we got just the game for you! Welcome to 'Bat Boy' by X Plus Games; an in development retro style adventure platformer that not only features nostalgic 8-bit backdrops throughout, but also a vast world of unique and exciting environments ultimately leading to a showdown with one of Bat Boy’s brainwashed allies and the evil invading forces of Lord Vicious!

Robot Jet Action - A fabulous game created by for the C64 gets a release!

Even more awesome games to get through this week, as we've recently been informed through Facebook that the high quality game of 'Robot Jet Action' by C64Portal, which was teased way back in June of 2020, has finally been released much to the excitement of the C64 community. A game which not only features 35 challenging levels on five planets, but different themed planets based around old retro game or games, C64 hi-res graphics in the rarely used ECM graphics mode. dedicated music composed by one of the best contemporary composers operating on the C64 scene, and much much more!

Jackal - A top down shooter based around the NES version get a new Amiga v4 demo via Neeso Games!

Thanks to Per Ola who contacted us just recently we have another Amiga news story to share with you all. As if you have been following Neeso Games upcoming Amiga game of Jackal, which is a remake of the NES top-down shooter of the same name, graphically enhanced to take advantage of the Amiga (OCS-ECS) hardware. You'll be pleased to know that if you head on over to the itch io page linked below, you can now try out the 4th public demo; a demo which features new changes over from v3 with the first preview of level 2 also included.