Immortal Ka - A great nod to the 16bit classics and it's only a PC prototype

I said to myself today, I seriously need a damn good entertaining indie game to play that would keep me occupied for more than just a few mins. Well the good news is, I've found it with 'Immortal Ka'. However Immortal Ka by Josyan is more than just an indie game, it's an indie game as a nod to the Arcade classics such as Ghosts 'n Goblins and even Super Big Karnak. Thankfully even though the game is just a prototype from a cancelled game, the team behind Immortal Ka has atleast made it available to play right now.

Boxx - Lemming880's platformer gets a WIP Amiga Scorpion remake

As an Amiga owner and a fan of homebrew releases I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable Lemming880's platformer ' Boxx 2 ' and ' Boxx 3 ' was on the Amiga system, especially with added bright and bold colourful detail by Koyot1222. Both of these games were developed using backbone and required you the player to collect as many coins as possible, while avoiding deadly traps, killing bad bosses and aiming to reach the exit to complete the level. 

Slug vs Lettuce - A fun for all the family Arcade game via Scene World Magazine

Once again another retro heads up from Saberman, as we've just been told that a new game has been released for the Commodore 64 called 'Slug vs Lettuce' by Scene World Magazine. A game in which playing as a Slug, you must traverse through a one level cave system eating as much lettuce as possible for a high score. To coincide with this retro gaming news, Saberman has also done a video showing the gameplay and the music by Richard Bayliss.

Santa's Workout 2 - Help Santa in this new C64 game for Christmas by Vector5 Games

With Christmas being less than a month away you'd expect to see lots of Christmas themed games appearing on Indie Retro News in the lead up to the 25th. Well that's certainly happening this week, as the first game to be mentioned on our site is a Christmas game by Vector5games for the C64 called 'Santa's Workout 2 '; a brand new Commodore 64 puzzle game in which you need to help Santa to the exit by pushing lots of ice blocks.

Farmiga - A work in progress farming simulator for the Amiga by Tukinem gets a new loading screen

If you're looking for a peaceful life without blasting away waves of enemies or thinking how to solve that next puzzle to advance, then you might like this latest Amiga news story that's just been sent to us by Saberman. As the polish developer of Tukinem, has released a big beta update to his in development Farming simulator for the Amiga called 'Farmiga'. To coincide with this news story Saberman has also done a new video showing the updated loading screen.

Last Action Hero - An enhanced(hack) version of a 1994 brawler via AmigaLive!

While I do try to avoid writing on weekends, this was too good not to spread the word! As thanks to both Earok and Saberman letting us know earlier today, they have told us that AmigaLive has made available a hack of the Amiga version of the 1994 game 'Last Action Hero'. As in the words of Earok "AmigaLive did a hack of the Last Action Hero awhile ago, I got permission to repost it here. It features a raft of gameplay balance tweaks to improve on the notorious film tie in."

Uridium - A demo of the unofficial Amiga version of Uridium has been found

A long time ago Hewson Consultants made great games for old retro computers such as the fantastic Uridium, Paradroid, Cybernoid, Exolon, Nebulus and many more were just some of the games they released that many of us have played and enjoyed. Well if you loved playing Uridium back in the day and want to see what the original game would look like on the Amiga, then we have been told a demo has surfaced of the unofficial Amiga version which has been recovered and made available for download.

SuperHair 2 Revenge of the Wizard - For the first time Super Hair goes Isometric in this upcoming ZX Spectrum game

Putting aside the Amiga and Amstrad news, as we've just come across an update from Micro Chops, that a new game is being developed for the ZX Spectrum called Super Hair 2 : Revenge of the Wizard. A game which doesn't just star the character Super Hair, but unlike all the previous platformers we've featured with this character, SuperHair 2 Revenge of the Wizard is going isometric. In light of this news, there's a new trailer for the game you can view below.

Darkula - A high quality Amstrad game as a port of the 2019 PC version is coming

Fabulous news has just hit our inbox, as we have just found out, that if you have enjoyed any of Locomalito's games such as Maldita Castilla, Super Hydorah or even Darkula. You'll be pleased to learn that the 2019 PC game of Darkula, is being ported over to the Amstrad CPC by 21Bloques. A frantic fixed platform game designed like a 1983 coin-op arcade, with inspirations such as Mappy, Mouser, Arabian and many other great Arcade classics!

Chaos Arena - Be careful not to fall off in this new multiplayer Amiga game by Last Minute Creations

Last Minute Creations is certainly no stranger to Indie Retro News, creating unique games such as GermZ and Atarenium Falcon. Well here we are with another Amiga news story for our fine readers, as the same developer has contacted us to let you know of a new game they've released called 'Chaos Arena'. A new multiplayer game in which playing as any number of warriors on the screen must push each other off the Arena to be the last Warrior standing. In light of this news, Saberman has also done a gameplay video for you to watch.

Wonder Boy - An Arcade game from 1986 as an unofficial Amiga port by Acidbottle gets a new update

We've featured Wonderboy many times now on Indie Retro News, from the modern remake of Wonderboy The Dragons Trap, to the Amiga versions of Wonderboy in Monster Land SE, and the more recent Arcade to Amiga port of Wonderboy by Acidbottle. Well here's another Amiga update for you all, as we've recently found out through his website, that Acidbottle has released a brand new update to his previously released Amiga version of Wonderboy. In light of this news you can check out some footage of the game running on real hardware and emulation below.

Magic & Legend: Time Knights - Welcome to a new Gameboy and Game Boy Colour game!

The Game Boy was a huge part of my childhood, games such as Tetris, Mario and even PaperBoy was played for many hours, even when trying to see the damn thing on long haul travels. So to see a new Game Boy and Game Boy Colour game called ' Magic & Legend: Time Knights ' announced as available for purchase, I just had to give it a shout out! You see this game doesn't just have lots of dynamic levels, but there's a ton of gameplay to be had in this new game from Giles Hamson and his two kids (4 & 5yr olds).

Bruxolico - This upcoming ZX Spectrum game from Amaweks looks very cool indeed!

Another ZX Spectrum game to be mentioned this week, as we've recently found out via Facebook, that if you are looking for a new platformer to play, whereby you can kick the *beep* out of enemies, then make sure to keep an eye on Paulo Andrés(Amaweks) upcoming game of Bruxólico. A game which is inspired by the folklore of Florianópolis, in particular the work of the artists Franklin Cascaes and Peninha. To coincide with this news, another teaser video has been posted showing a work in progress stage 4.

Projects in the attic - A testing-ground for wannabe projects and/or wasted possibilities for the Commodore Amiga

Even though the highlight of this week just has to be the awesome release of the C64/C128 version of Eye of the Beholder, it's still worth mentioning this latest news story sent to us by Per Ola Eriksson and Saberman. As they have told us, that Electric Black Sheep who were behind the upcoming Amiga games of 'Project Quest' and 'None of Us', have made available a ton of games that were used as testing-ground for wannabe projects and/or wasted possibilities for the Commodore Amiga. In light of this news, Saberman has also done a number of videos of these games viewable below.

Missile Command on the Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 and it looks pretty decent!

The iconic Atari game Missile Command didn't get the best of ports even on the Amstrad, but that is about to change. As thanks to yet another gaming heads up from Saberman, he has told us that Ayor61 and team, have released a much improved version of the game over to the Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000. As in the words of Ayor61 "For 50th years birthday of Atari, and as a tribute to one of my first childhood game on Atari 2600, Here is Missile Command! An adaptation from scratch for the Amstrad GX4000 / CPC+"