42 ZX SPECTRUM 128K AY GAME MUSIC TUNES - 2.5 hours of ZX Spectrum music via Zeusdaz!

A rather early write up for you this morning and one I'm sure will fill up the rest of your day, is Zeusdaz's latest game music Youtube upload, '42 "ZX SPECTRUM 128K AY" GAME MUSIC TUNES'. From the creator of the huge 6 hour Amiga music Youtube upload which was released some time ago, comes a new list of tracks as his top 42 128k favourites that are all UNemulated and completely uncut! From Byte Me, SWIV and SEA DRAGON to STEG, GENESIS and even ROBOCOP there's way too many to choose from as my favourite.

Amiga Video

The rest of his videos can be found (HERE)

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