Aminvaders - Another WIP Space Invaders clone appears and this one is by Amiten for the Amiga

We've seen lots of Space Invader variants over the years, from Havie's Blitz Basic version of the game on the Amiga, to our personal favourite from Pink/Abyss called 'Tiny Invaders'. Well yet again we've been sent another Amiga homebrew version of Space Invaders which has been mentioned to us by Saberman, and it's Amiten's work in progress game of Aminvaders; A nod to the 1978 classic with original Arcade graphics, classic sound effects by Tacha and new music by Dani Hermans.

Space Invaders is a game that was originally first released way back in 1978 in the Arcades in Japan with a further release made available in the United States and a much later version in the 1980's on the Atari 2600. Although this is a nice looking Space Invaders clone for the Amiga and something we'd usually see as a PD demo back in the day, do be aware however that the game is still in development so the final version may be different to what we have now.

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  1. Too many Space Invader games

  2. One of my pet hates for over 4 decades has been Space Invaders clones with the invaders all moving as one 'block' instead of each row individually.
    As soon as I see that, no matter how gorgeous or attractive the other aspects of the game are, I immediately lose my boner.
    MOST clones back in the day (from the A2600 onwards,where technical aspects were accepted of course) had this unpleasant and lazy 'move as one block' bollocks. A notable exception was the Japanese version of 'Avenger' for the C64.
    Unfortunately, in the PAL region we had the crappy 'one block' version.
    So, I didn't even finish watching the video here. Come on people, it's 2022 ffs...
    Might as well be breaking blocks on a Microvision. Zzzzz..

  3. I loved the original, but if it wants to mimic the original, then more needs to be done. The block move is one, also the bunkers is important. Here they seem indestructable. Every shot needs to bite just a little bit of the bunker with each hit else I move on. Also the original arcade machine had this faster getting bass beat that would make your heart beat faster too :-) The music here is no support to the game I think... just my 2 ct

  4. I always searched the original. Not the arcade, but a version which is identical to the arcade. Mainly for Windows, or Amiga. I also search for an original-like Pong. (tv-pong, or tv-tennis) Seems like no one never made the identical versions despite they have really simple graphics. This Invaders game is also similar to the original, but look at those colors! The music shouldn't had here, the original sounds should be have. But it's not bad, it's more similar than other versions.

  5. Another super simple low quality "Amiga" game. Not good. Sad.

  6. Seems the link to the download is gone.


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