Booty The Remake - A classic 1980's game is getting an Amstrad CPC remake! [UPDATE]

Way back in 1984 Firebird released the Pirate style Arcade Puzzle game 'Booty' for the Amstrad CPC, C64, Commodore Plus/4, and ZX Spectrum. In that game you played as a cabin boy that had to steal treasure from his pirate masters, which meant avoiding other pirates, parrots and booby trapped treasure! Well if you remember this rather classic pirate themed game from back in the day, you'll will be pleased to know that at some point in the near future you'll be able to play 'Booty The Remake': A high quality version of this classic which is coming to the Amstrad CPC via PlayOnRetro.

While there is a limited amount of information about this future release just yet, all we can go on is from this twitter post which says "Do you want to try the new "Booty, The Remake" for #amstrad CPC? With the collaborations of Beyker, Brundij and @blackmores_. We show it to you exclusively in @AmstradEtern . Come visit our @PlayOnRetro stand". So watch this space!

UPDATE : Thanks to the creator @salvakantero letting us know through Twitter, we've now been shown some footage of the game as well as this description : "This is how Jim moves now in #amstrad CPC 464. It is a faster but easier game than the 1984-86 versions. [The sound of the video is not final]"


  1. nice gfx, hope for argh matey music, remade that girly giana sisters hero sprite.

  2. sprite looks fine to me. a "Jim the Cabin Boy" look with navy pigtail

    1. Yup, title screen looks great, Guybrush Threepwood Jr here too!

  3. Oh that was one of my first CPC games back then. The old one. And I LOVED the Firebird loading music most of all. The game was too difficult, nearly unplayable. Will this be easier?

  4. I would love it if you would make a remake for BBC,C64,Spectrum,Amiga and MSX please.....


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