Innsmouth - A Lovecraft horror as a new Adventure game for your ZX Spectrum

We've been checking out the latest games and we think we've come across a game that will not only suit those of you who love horror, but also for fans of the famed horror writer H.P Lovecraft. Titled as 'Innsmouth', this latest game by Bitfans, is a brand new ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k Adventure! An English and Spanish Lovecraft game in which you are to delve into the dark tale of a coastal town plagued by hidden secrets and indescribable horrors. To coincide with this news, we've got a bit more about the story as well as a new trailer.

"Welcome to Innsmouth, the ancient town of decay and desolation that many don't want to hear about. You are not quite sure what has driven you to come here, but it's clear that this town holds a dark and sinister past, and you want to uncover it. So you are invited to unravel the mysterious events lurking in this remote coastal town, where the line between reality and madness blurs like fog in time. Do you dare to challenge the shadow over Innsmouth?"


  • ˜TESTING TEAM: Dwalin, Marukpa, Mr. Rancio & C. Perezgrin
  • ˜CODE SUPPORT: Boriel & SFH
  • ˜MUSIC: Wicked
  • ˜ARTWORK: AI tools & Photoshop CS
Links :1) Source  2) Twitter 


  1. Nice looking!

  2. does it only run on spectrum?

    1. an emulator .. even browser/online one as Torinak QAOP should be good.

  3. effin stylish !

  4. I love how this game looks. Must play the demo through.

  5. Neat! Just purchased a copy. I love games based upon Lovecraft.


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