Dragowfall - A nod to 80's Intellivision games by Heracleum for the PC ( Online too! )

A rather unusual bit of news this afternoon, as thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, we've been told it might be worth checking out this downloadable and online playable game mash up of Dragowfall. What makes this game worth checking out you ask? Well according to the website, Dragowfall is a mashup of 3 games from the 80's, in the style of Intellivision, all glued together to form a more intense chivalry-themed adventurous experience! To coincide with this news, we've got some gifs from the game, as well as some further information about Shadowfax, Pitfall! and Dragonfire that have been mashed together.

Furthermore the website goes on to say. "Upgrade your stats at shops, save damsels in distress, acquire knighthood, get married, choose between greed and Honour! You start your adventure as a weak bachelor squire with disproportionate ambition and as much recklessness, to the extent that you volunteered to a deadly quest: you offered your loyalty to the duke promising him to bring back his treasures since the Dragonlord took over the castle and the rest of forts in the region will soon be its next targets!". So yes if this sounds like your sort of game then head on over to the itch io page below.

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  1. super charming, pristine retro gfx style.

  2. Cool game 👍

  3. I know some purists like real hardware and that's cool, but the PICO-8 platform is a gift that keeps on giving. Phenomenal work here!

  4. I agree this is really charming. PICO-8 being put to great use as always.


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