Ascension - Horror Side Scroller

Good morning viewers, it's me Neil, your lovable Indie Retro News poster, btw this Mac sucks! Well today we have a new Horror game on the scene and it's called Ascension. We've had a few games like this, with this particular play style, namely Home and Lone Survivor. You play as Atticus, a grounds keeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident. Separated from her, you must find your way back before something else reaches her first.

The original development goal for this game was to create a horror title with an immersive horror experience that rivalled some of the big names in the genre. A survival horror game alongside Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Amnesia.

The game was originally planned to be some sort of Action Horror with a lot of enemies per room with an emotionless character and not a lot to go on. But over time more and more focus was put on the main character. They changed him from a blank state to a fleshed out person. They gave him a history, motives and fears. Thus the Psychological Horror of Ascension was born.

Turn the sound up, head phones on and lights out as it's time for HORROR!



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