Nemac IV: The Director's Cut - First person shooter for Amiga CD32

The next Earok Amiga CD32 port release is now available for download and once again it's a first person shooter. Originally released by Zentek,  Nemac IV: The Director's Cut is a doom style game in which your task is to infiltrate Nemac IV, an automated defence installation gone haywire. Featuring lots of weapon blasting action and enemies to destroy, Nemac is a pretty decent game to have in your Amiga CD32 collection.

A small word of caution with the game, it's not that smooth even on a stock Amiga CD32, it certainly needed a much more powerful Amiga to make the most of this game originally anyway. But if it runs ok for you, then it's all good :)

Uses: Fakemouse by ??, Joy2Key2 by Lorence Lombardo
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Available for download on the Website, make sure as before to disable adblock or use Chrome for download.

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