Wacky Waste – Ratastic game for C64!

Finally we get back to the C64 homebrew releases with the latest ratty Arcade game, from a team of people using the SEUK(Shoot'Em-Up Construction Kit). A rather nice little game indeed as you guide Ratty across four different parts of Garbageville. In an attempt to become a racing champion!

Programming: Alf Yngve (Created using SEUCK), Martin Piper (SEUCK Redux Enhancements), Case/TAT (Info-Linker V1.0)
Graphics: Alf Yngve
Music: Richard Bayliss (Title+Game), Drax/Vibrants (Game instructions)
Genre:Shoot 'em up (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Thunderload - Series Six (Programmed by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss)


Thanks to Commodore is awesome for the news!

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