Knights and Merchants Remake - RTS KaM Remake r6720 Released!

In 1998 TopWare Interactive released Knights and Merchants; a medieval based real time strategy game, that had that hint of The Settlers as you manage a village and lead soldiers to victory. It was a great game for it's time and today's big news is the unofficial fan-made remake mod for the game Knights and Merchants which has a big r6720 release. What was once a demo remake is now a fully-fledged overhauled game which no longer needs “Demo” in the title. In order to play the KaM Remake you are required to have Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion installed

  • Standalone AI significantly improved: now a worthy opponent for moderately skilled players in singleplayer and multiplayer (the screenshot above is a village built by the standalone AI)
  • Unicode support (for Chinese, Japanese and Korean alphabets)
  • File transfers in multiplayer lobby (maps and saves)
  • “Return to lobby” in multiplayer (for rehosting or replacing players who quit)
  • Spectators in multiplayer
  • New languages: Korean, Serbian and Slovenian
  • Two new singleplayer campaigns An Empire Destroyed (by Dicsoupcan) andOn Foreign Lands (by Grayter)
  • Many new singleplayer and multiplayer maps
  • Rally point for the barracks (right click)
  • Network system messages are translated
  • More accurate unit selection
  • LAN servers are now automatically detected
  • More dynamic scripts commands
  • Improved performance
Knights and Merchants is available to buy on GOG

Knights and Merchants Pack - Includes The Shattered Kingdom and The Peasants Rebellion
available to buy on FireFlower Games

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