Commando Arcade SE - The special edition of an arcade C64 classic - Released!

Here's a top quality release for you C64 owners as the C64 group Nostalgia has just released 'Commando Arcade SE, which is a special edition of their previous 2014 Commando Arcade remake of the classic game from the original way back in the early 80's. Although Commando was a great game on the C64, it could've been so much better, and thanks to Nostalgia they set out to re-release it as a faithful version to the Arcade and featured more levels, new level features, new graphics, a new scroller and much much more.

But this version goes even further! I thought the Commando Arcade release was the best 8-bit version of Commando by far, but with the new version released today I was proven wrong. Commando Arcade SE "IS" the  best version so far, A run and gun shoot em up that has lasted the ages has just got far far better and has pushed the boundary of greatness with features such as

  • Completely new graphics everywhere
  • 5 new levels added. Game now has total of 8 levels like arcade
  • New Barracks, Hangar, Chopper, Level transition, etc. graphics
  • New Level features
  • New glitch-free Sprite multiplexer
  • New Scroller
  • Chopper that drops you onto the battle field and picks you up
  • Level Transition screen animations
  • Score, Lives and Bomb counter fixes
  • Code bug fixes - no more crashes
  • High Scores in attract mode
  • Game Over sequence added
  • Two new Sound modes with new SFX and new tunes by 6R6
  • Loading screen (by STE'86) and Loading tune (by 6R6) added
  • Pause added with Quit option
  • Easyflash version with High Score saver to flash and backup to disk
  • Universal File version that should work on any device
  • IFFL version with REU support
  • PAL and NTSC supported

So if you have a C64 or even have the emulator Vice64 on your PC, you've seriously got to play this Special Edition, it's just so good!

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