Candy Puzzle - CUBO CD32 Puzzle game makes an appearance on the Amiga CD32

Fresh off the press AmigaJay has announced the release of a rather rare Puzzle game, that is now playable on both original Amiga CD32's and via emulation. This game is called Candy Puzzle and is better known as a CUBO CD32 original, and was released by CD express in Milan way back in 1994. For those of you who don't know anything about the CUBO CD32, it was an arcade machine with CD32 internals hence this game not appearing on the home system, at least until now.

Welcome to Candy Puzzle, a game with a heavy Puzzle Bobble and Bust a Move vibe. You'll be blasting coloured blobs with this one and having a blast as now thanks to AmigaJay, and of course DamienD and Tony Wilen who worked out how to crack the original games need for its jamma adaptor board, you can play it too!

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download

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