My Hospital Update

Some of you know what happened to me, however little update as to why I haven't posted anything myself this week. My operation was due on the 12th Dec For Sliding hiatus hernia, but the doctors gave me too much Blood thinning injections, 4 times the recommended dosage pre surgery. Thus it was cancelled 10mins from op as I would've bled to death.

Fast Forward 9th Jan, I went into hospital and was a bit nervous as they rattled on the " Risk " factors telling me how close to certain organs the surgery was. Even to tell me that that my spleen may have to come out for certain reasons, so even more worry. I was told that if I had a morphine pump next to me, then I would've had open surgery.

As I went into Theater, two Nurses looked at me and checked my stats making sure everything was ok. I was told my throat would be grabbed with something to do with a tube and reflux, then the mask was put on my face. Breath deep I was told, this will fill your lungs with oxygen and finally the drug to knock me out was put into my arms.

I felt the sensation of falling and that was it, I was out...

Next thing I remember was waking up to them telling me to calm down as I remember shaking so violently, It was as if my body was fitting. Then being taken back to my room, I heard them say " surgery was a success ", "He's ok", It went well.

As I came out of it, I felt so sick as I had lots of drugs in my system including morphine. Found it painful to turn over or get out of bed, with multiple bullet holes on my stomach and unable to stretch my stomach.

I arrived home not long after the op, few days maybe and was in such pain that the medication wasn't working, it was just paracetamol. So I was given something much stronger and Spent the last week at home, resting going through stages of high temp and low temp, cold sweats.

Pain is more manageable, but I still wake up up covered in sweat, also get the worst nausea/sickness feeling after food and at times it gets stuck really easily. Got a ton of mouth ulcers too which sucks! First time I've come back home today, but I'm not staying long as I need to rest and my up stairs neighbor would stress me out.

It's taken nearly 4 years or more to get to this point, just hope it was worth it! Will hopefully make me less stressed and in constant pain and I can go back onto some form of natural foods. Complan and Porridge so far.

So keep with me readers, I'll update the website with the best of Indie/Retro news as soon as I'm recovered!

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