Commodore 64 - Still going strong today!

Who would ever of thought that 32 years after it's release and approx 17 million units sold, the commodore 64 would still be going strong today? Well it is! The most popular home computer of the 80's is alive and kicking. A testament to this is shown in the amount of physical releases being produced each year.

A major contributor to this scene is Psytronik software, who have now released in both disk and tape format some 36 games over the last 20 years. While to the new generations of gamers this may seem insignificant, to us seasoned gamers this is remarkable given the time and effort required for each game and the lack of any major financial incentive. I strongly advise a visit to the store (link below) and view some very impressive and professional releases.

Next up there is RGCD, another uk based company producing some mind blowing cartridge games for us to savor! They also host the annual 16kb cartridge compo which allows indie developers to submit their games for judging, with the winner getting a physical cartridge release. Two games from Rgcd that really stand out are the visually and musically stunning C64anabalt  and Bomberland. Put simply these are must have titles! Most people are familiar with Canabalt on Android, a simple run and jump game,put on a 16kb cartridge the result is amazing, fluid animation and incredible pounding music make it a breathtaking journey into retro town!

Bomberland (no introduction needed ) is another example of the fine quality of modern day releases for the breadbin of joy, a bomberman clone, it is a game that oozes class. The visuals and sounds are of an impressive standard and it runs so fluidly,you would be forgiven for thinking that it was on a much higher powered platform. All games are supplied in quality cases and impressive artwork. Head over now and see what the fuss is about! All games are available as digital download as well for use on an emulator.

For all information on everything else c64 related then go to a massive site full of all things commodore and plenty of willing and helpful members.

All things considered the future is very bright for the c64, it may no longer rule the entire world but it does have a very enthusiastic kingdom.

Article written and compiled by emile wilson

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