Mighty Tactical Shooter - Kickstarter final push - last 48 hours to get £700

One thing is for sure, Brighton is EXPLODING as an indie development hub in the UK. We've seen the fab looking Radial-G and now Mighty Tactical Shooter (previous coverage here) is in its final throes of its kickstarter push. If you like 16-bit style SHMUPS and you also like turn based strategy, well now's your chance to micromanage rather than twitch your way to victory. With less than £1000 to go to target, and 2 days left to run (at time of writing) it's going to be closer than Wallace and Gromit's close shave.

But why mashup the two genres? Well, project creator Johnny Marshall said in his recent Reddit AMA:
"I confess that I've not played many shmups in recent years. Possibly because my 41 year old reflexes frustrate the 12 year old gamer in me."

A sentiment shared by myself also, and I personally think it's a great idea.

Some features:
  • 80’s arcade style side scrolling shoot ‘em up graphics combined with an ultra modern high resolution free flowing turn-based tactical planning interface.
  • Visual prediction paths of enemy movements allow you to precisely target your shots and moves. If you think that makes it easy - think again!
  • Gravity weapons allow you to bend the path of bullets and enemies. Why tire your trigger finger when you can make them shoot each other and themselves?
  • Draw missile paths to precisely target enemies and destructible terrain.
  • End of level bosses have a more tactical twist
  • Dealing with bullet hell is about brains, not reflexes
  • Switches, logic traps and bosses that just wouldn’t be possible in a reflex shooter
  • A darkly twisted plot with a harrowing ending. You’ve got some tough choices to make along the way
  • Achievements based on myriad stats, for both brute force and style

So Don't wait, you have less than 2 days to get this awesome project funded - then Johnny can concentrate on it full time for the final stint of development.

Download the demo on Windows, Mac and Linux or even throw some cash their way at:
youtube channel SockThuggery

-Alistair Brugsch

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