Moonman - Strange world caving adventure seeks greenlight and kickstarter backing

Australian Ben Porter has been building the invader of his dreams for the past 2 years as a strange world of molluscs skeletons and walking trees, and since he also has a PHD in procedurally generating stuff, the cavern worlds should also be ProcGen'd as well right? Moonman is a curious mash up of styles with elements of Minecraft, Tererria, Binding of Issac, Spelunky and George Orwell's Animal Farm (!)

The game's green protagonist, moonman, must search for fragments of moons that are scattered around the world. The fragments may have been hidden in caves or tombs, ingested by large creatures, or hoarded by agoraphobic hermits. The game features:
  • procedurally-generated landscapes and towns to explore;
  • peculiar inhabitants to talk to; 
  • abundant resources to harvest and mine; 
  • a plethora of items to wield, wear, throw, and craft; 
  • monstrous creatures to forcefully negotiate with;
  • ancient puzzle-machines to unlock; and,
  • spiders.
And there certainly are a lot of spiders...


Mining and crafting are definitely big time elements of this title so if that's the sort of thing that gets your juices flowing, this is certainly worth keeping an eye on, or giving your support on kickstarter, vote on greenlight.

Steam Greenlight page
Project Kickstarter
Moonman webpage


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