Escape from Cnossus - A roguelike game for the ZX Spectrum

You are the mighty and monstrous Minotaur in Escape from Cnossus. You have spent your years hunting down and slaughtering the many adventurers that dared to enter the palace labyrinth. Now, the king has decided that he no longer has use for you. There will be no more royal and glorious feasts and no more human sacrifices in your honor.

There will be no more hoards of gold and fortune and glory. You've been dismissed, kicked off the royal payroll and left to fend for yourself. Your future employment opportunities look bleak. No one wants to hire an aging Minotaur when the job can be outsourced dirt cheap to menacing fire breathing dragons. Now you long to live out your remaining years in retirement, sitting by a warm fireplace while smoking a pipe and reading a good book. But first you have to find your way out of the maze.

There are many torches, weapons, and armor to be found along the way through the maze, and many monsters that are happy to see you go, and are willing to kick your aging behind on your way out. Monsters hate light so whenever you find a torch or candle, light them up and make your way through the labyrinth and find the stairs. There are twenty levels to traverse and you need to make it out alive, so only fight the other monsters when there is no other way around them. Some monsters like rats and wild boars are edible and/or can be used as armor. Eat raw meat, cheese, and dried fruit to heal. The dungeon levels are random as are the monsters that you encounter and items you find. Hopefully, if you are lucky, you find a bag allowing you to carry more items.

Eventually, you will find better weapons and armor.

Watch your back though. Monsters like to bring all their friends with them to battle.

"Escape from Cnossus is a roguelike for the ZX Spectrum, made with Boriel's ZXBasic compiler."

Escape from Cnossus was made by @felixplesoianu of and released in July 2013.
You can play the game online at
or download the game and run it through a Speccy emulator
For other games by No Time To Play see

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my game! You made my day, and made me laugh, too. Sorry about those crocodiles, there wasn't much room to code edge case safeties. Maybe if I'd ran into a similar issue during all the playtesting, but such is the nature of randomness...


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