Jack The Nipper - Fantastic classic given the Hokuto Force treatment for the C64

Possibly the last news release of the day by myself (before my head explodes), is a cracked and updated game titled; 'Jack The Nipper' +4DGFS [PAL/90% NTSC] for the C64. Originally developed by Gremlin Graphics in 1986 for most home computers and played in a side-view flip screen, you play as Jack the Nipper who has to carry out various pranks on the unsuspecting neighbourhood to break the record for being naughty without being caught. This brilliant retro classic which was rated number 2 in the uk charts, has not only been released by Hokuto Force with 4 cheat trainers, but also a dox, solution, ntsc fix at 90% and some extra graphics as a bonus!

If you've never played the original game you are in for a treat, this is one of my favourite classics of all time! It was great fun to play, looked brilliant and even as an added challenge you could get slapped by adults, haunted by ghosts and given a nasty nappy rash if you're not too careful. Thus I could go on and on about how good this game was, but rather than me rattle on, download the game yourself from CSDB and have a great time!


UPDATE : Version 2 released ( Download )

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