Dutch Moonsound Veterans released! - 100's of tunes for your MSX2

Some would say I get over excited some times at the smallest amount of news releases, however when it comes to the 'Dutch Moonsound Veteran' release for the MSX, being blown away is an understatement. According to Msx.org, in collaboration with a lot of famous names from the MSX2 scene, this 4 part album contains music from Master of Audio, Meits, Jorito, Hans Cnossen, DandAN, John Hassink, Robert Vroemisse
, Bart Roijmans, Ruud van de Moosdijk and Omega
. Nearly 9 months of work, this incredible awesome amazing (ok I'll stop now) album contains over 100 tracks that are available for free to listen to on your msx2 or through the emulator BlueMSX.

Over 15mb in size which is huge for an MSX file, the Dutch MoonSound Veterans release has a full set of 3 disk images and a Full Throttle edition which is installable on a hard disk, that contains all the 3 disk images as well as a selection of tracks that were too big to fit on a normal disk. But there is a down side to all of this for hardware users, you will need an MSX 2, a disk drive and a Moonsound. If you want to run Full Throttle, you need a mass storage device and a MoonSound with 640kB SRAM.

Also as a mention from msx.org to celebrate the release, scene composer Omega will host a listening party on Twitch, which you can join to listen to the music, both the new and the classics and to chat up with fellow MoonSound fans. You can join the party by tuning in to http://www.twitch.tv/omegamsx on Wednesday July 22nd at 21:00 CET.

Instructions : Pressing the space-bar skips the first part of the load up, and then the arrow keys and enter to select each tune. Pressing F1 on/off for random!

Links :

1) Msx.org
2) Download
3) BlueMSX Emulator

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