Car Wars - Arcade speedy fun in this latest ZX Spectrum release

A brand new ZX Spectrum game has just appeared in our inbox, and it's Salvakantero's bouncy arcade racer ' Car Wars ' for the Spectrum 128k. Developed using the Mojon Twins MK2 engine, with music by Davidian, your task is to race around each game screen and collect all the coins required to complete the stage. But be warned, not only are there blockages in your way, but some of the enemies are tough!

Usually when you see a wicked car as the front cover of a game, you expect it to be either a first person racer such as Outrun, or a top down racer such as Nitro, but in this game, it is neither. In actual fact Car Wars mixes it up with box moving puzzle elements and arcade car blasting action, but also having a hint of coin collection also seen in a platformer.

Car Wars really is a nice game and has great scene detail and a lovely soundtrack. It's nice that the developer mixed up the gameplay element, and instead of making it a multi track racer, the enemies are dynamic and can move in different directions, which really makes you think of how to proceed to collect that next coin. Just be careful however, if you touch any enemies your power will drop, so keep collecting those health pick ups, find 25 coins to upgrade for weaponry and use the rest to pay off the cop or complete the stage!

Links : 1) Download (EN/SP) 2) Source

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