Bergbert III - The Blue Knight - Can you stay alive in this challenging C64 game?

I haven't posted about a SEUCK game for some time, so let's change that with a new C64 game from Phrenetic, 'Bergbert III - The Blue Knight'. If you want an easy game look away now, if you want a difficult one look no further than this game! Released during the SEUCK Game Creation Compo 2016, with development by CFS of Phrenetic, music by Response, Richard and Rob Hubbard and a fast loader by Martin Piper.You play as the blue Knight and must avoid deadly obstacles with precision timing without losing all your lives!

Now you know I said the word 'Difficult', by heck is Bergbert III a C64 game that will have you pulling your hair out. Through each of the many levels, you have to do certain tasks such as push switches to avoid being zapped or poisoned by the drip of a leaky pipe. The added difficulty to this task is having to avoid other deadly traps to be able to flip for example a switch, before you can even think of moving on... Oh and you end up doing it all again, but in a different way.

Take for example the first picture, the first obstacles are hot gas vents that need to be avoided by fast reaction timing, then you need to turn a wheel to turn off the dripping poison, then you have to go back through the same gas vents and do it all again later on. This is pretty much the gameplay throughout, which for me I found incredibly frustrating. Especially as you only get three lives and any lives lost don't come back in the next stage.

Still though putting that aside, what I really liked about the game wasn't the neat touches to a SEUCK C64 release but the music is simply awesome. There isn't just one tune here either but multiple ones, and as the music was done by Response, Richard and Rob Hubbard you can see why! So download it today, and turn it up!

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