CASTLE CAPERS - Save the Dream Fairies in Gabriele Amore's new ZX Spectrum game

Even more speccy news now, as after much teasing during the development stage, Gabriele Amore has finally released a brand new ZX Spectrum game called ' CASTLE CAPERS ' for playable on real hardware and online. Once again developed using AGD and again a platformer, you are on a mighty rescue mission to rescue the Dream Fairies who have been kidnapped by an evil mouse king and his menacing acolytes.

Throughout the game you must use your magic to make great Ice blocks to reach the fairies trapped on each platform. But along the way you must also use these blocks to make holes to get back down, because if you don't you'll be trapped and at worse eaten by the great king himself. And that's all there is to it, but be warned this is one of the hardest games you'll play from Gabriele Amore, as getting past the difficulty of level 2 is a huge task in itself.

Links : 1) Source  2) Download 3) Play Online

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