Bomb Jack Beer Edition - An enhanced classic WIP for the Commodore Amiga gets a beta!

Once again Bomb Jack has appeared in our news feeds; a classic Arcade game which required you the player to jump and float about grabbing all the bombs on the screen while also avoiding some rather strange yet nasty enemies who would constantly get in your way just to stop you from saving historic places of interest! That same game which also had many different ports including the less than great Amiga port, has since been released as an overhauled beta version and titled as Bomb Jack Beer Edition.

As we said before, this edition by Graeme Cowie is being developed for the Commodore Amiga with memories of playing on the computer, playing Bomb Jack in the Arcades and as the developer says " With Beer ". This latest version which is free for all to enjoy is much improved over the original Amiga version but also features backgrounds from famous landmarks of his favourite drinking places such as Newcastle (Angel of the North), with each round having different beers to collect

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