Reformation 3 Amiga/C64 Soundtrack Remakes - Follow up album Kickstarter to Matt Gray's previous hit release

There is going to be a great Kickstarter launch this sunday as we've just heard from Matt Gray that he is going to launch a new Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for his upcoming album ' Reformation 3 '. This album is the third in the series of albums after two goal smashing successes and will feature more awesome music as the definitive set of Matt Gray's C64 games come to life enhanced with today's upbeat technology.

The first Reformation was a hugely popular album and was even regarded on our site as possibly the best C64 remix album available with incredible tracks such as Dominator, Driller, Bangkok Knights, Hunter's Moon, Vendetta, Maze Mania, Quedex ,Motocross ,Treasure Island Dizzy and others remixed by the legend himself. So you can understand why I'm really excited to get my hand on this album, as not only will it feature more banging retro remixes from the C64, but as a new addition the Amiga will be featured too! - So watch this space

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