Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure on the ZX Spectrum gets an extended edition special!

Great news Dizzy fans as we've just been informed via Saberman that you can now download the Extended Edition of the classic game ' Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure ' for the ZX Spectrum. This game released way back in 1987 as a personal favorite of mine on the Amstrad, is an Adventure game in which you play as Dizzy, and must defeat the evil wizard Zaks with a Cauldron mix of a Leprechaun's Wig, a Cloud's Silver Lining, a Vampire Dux Feather, and a Troll Brew!

We've previously done an article on this game already, but now you can play the extended edition thanks to the hard work of Andrei Titov who is behind numerous DizzyAGE engine improvements and great fan based games. The extended edition features not just 16 new screens, code optimizations, better graphics and smoother synced frame rates, but there's many bug fixes, new items to find, additional sounds, an expanded story and much much more.

Links :1) Download 2) Previous Article 3) Dizzy Fansite

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