Snow Force - Sarah Jane Avory's festive Shoot 'em up for the C64 gets a release! (Includes Soul Force X)

While many of you are still enjoying Sarah Jane Avory's latest game of Briley Witch Chronicles, a Japanese inspired RPG with all the hall marks of a really well developed game. There's another game worth playing that has just appeared in our inbox as a brand new release and it's Sarah's latest game of 'Snow Force"; A very festive Shoot 'em up of her other great C64 game she released back in 2020 as Soul Force.

Featuring a wicked soundtrack, Xmas graphics as a reskinned version of Soul Force, smooth scrolling, 18 adrenaline filled levels, LOTS of enemies and bosses to blast away with a festive flavor, collectable presents for bonus points, weapon cycling and 2nd button support, the game is sure to be another hit with those looking to play something fun over the Christmas period, as rest assured with every game Sarah has released so far, it's always been enjoyable enough to keep coming back for more!

Snow force also includes Soul Force X, and updated version of Soul Force.

Links :1) Source 2) Twitter Fully PAL & NTSC compatible!

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