Slam Siblings - A Super Smash Bros Tribute is still coming to the Commodore 64

We always try to get the best retro gaming updates for you on Indie Retro News, as we've just found out while looking through the Commodore 64/128 Facebook group, that Søren Trautner Madsen is still working on his upcoming Commodore 64 game of 'Slam Siblings'; a rather cool game which according to the creator, is clearly a tribute to the much maligned Super Smash Bros, one of Nintendo's flag ship game franchises. 

While the game is very much unfinished, the developer says the above footage which has been recorded via an emulator was put together from recordings of the game running on an unmodified Commodore 64 using a game engine that can be used to play a two-player match with a friend. In fact this upcoming game doesn't just look pretty awesome even at this early stage, but as for the characters mentioned so far are from Turrican, Kirby, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Rick Dangerous and even Pikachu. So yes one to look out for, but let's just hope that Nintendo doesn't shut it down :(


  1. Why Pikachu? If you're trying to avoid the wrath of Nintendo doesn't that strike you as odd, especially considering Pikachu has nothing to do with the c64.

    1. I think it's something to do with the story, ie evil Nintendo invading Commodore :p

    2. Oh I see, well here's hoping Nintendo doesn't notice. :)

  2. Oh and Kirby, didn't see that, What about Clyde? Or Mayhem?


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