Zelda as an unfinished "Prototype" for the Commodore Amiga by Tukinem

If like me, you're a huge fan of Zelda, then you'll be happy to know as thanks to a heads up by Saberman, he has told us that Tukinem has made available the unfinished prototype(?) of Zelda over to the Commodore Amiga. As in his words "Work on it lasted great until I was overwhelmed by the enormity of this game, features such as additional maps with dungeons, computer AI and various armaments of our hero". In light of this news, Saberman has also done a new video showing how far the game has come in development since it was halted. 

Tukinem also goes on to say as a very rough translation from the forums "I was more skipped(?) from Amos to Blitz, and I can't rewrite it to Blitz Basic yet, so ended up staying with Amos. If anyone wants to help out, please finish development as it has a lot of potential as shown below. I am currently writing something completely different and in a different language, even as the game intro could not be perfectly rewritten to Blitz Basic. I did not stop developing the game because I gave up, I just stopped because I was asked to do so". So there you have it, sadly it looks as if this game wont be finished any time soon, if not ever, but if you want to try it out, it's available below.

Links :1) Source 2) Download


  1. too bad, unfortunately it will never be released as a full version.

    1. Fortunately that AMOS crap belongs in the trashcan. No RTG, no multitasking, no networking ... Just a bunch of illegal memory leaks that messes with the system and ensures incompatibility between different Amigas

    2. I don't care what is the programming language is used if game is well done. I'm not interested about Zelda on Amiga. I would like to see new original games than endless ports and remakes. Remakes can be nice addition to the library though, when the original version was crap. AMOS was used to create some good games and my favourite were Scorched Tanks, Bloodfest, BabeAnoid, Knights, Legion (Polish RPG strategy), Renegades, Super Foul Egg... Unfortunately modern releases are far from that quality and some of them are badly optimized, so they are unplayable or not running on A500 for no reason.

    3. Why would Zelda require networking? (ie. it doesnt).
      And being ocs/ecs it'll run on all Amigas anyway.
      Doesnt need rtg because the source material has lower specs than even ocs can offer.
      And it's up to the developer is he wants to have it compatible with the clone systems like OS4, MOS and AROS anyway, not you.

  2. Just change the graphics, rearrange a few things, and call it something else.

  3. It is a shame with some ports to retro systems get shut down by companies. The the authors should simply remain anonymous and not disclose any personal details if they want to tell retro fans about the development. That way they can release the program on the internet. The companies can try, but they will not be able to remove it from every where.

  4. The download link seems broken. Can it be pointed at the sources?


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