Alex Kidd in Ridley X World - Relive the 1980's in this classic Platformer game!

Game Genre : Platformer
Game Info Quote :  From the same developer who created the fan based remake of Giana Sisters, comes another retro classic, Alex Kidd in Ridley X World. This is another retro game based on the very popular Sega version of Alex Kidd, during the late 1980's. There are many levels in this game, ranging from both above ground, and under water, and to be honest you'd not be able to tell much of a difference from the original it's based on. Your character can even punch enemies, and smash blocks with his fist, to either reveal extra items, or to be able to move further on during the level. A game not to be missed, and what's more, it is free!
Release : Now, Free  
Systems : PC


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