Sonic Time Twisted - Retro inspired classic, Act 1 Demo released!

Welcome to a classic-style Sonic fan game with over four years of development (since the last demo) that features time travel, custom pixel art and a fully original cd-quality sound track. There are many Sonic fan games out there and this is one of the more top quality ones, especially as it also features even more goodness such as accurate physics, sprawling zones, loops, alternative routes and hidden secrets. This is a demo not to be missed!

Download here or here


  1. Keep up the great work Neil!

  2. The game is not by Sonic Strike. Sonic Strike is simply the host of the Time Twisted site, it has nothing to do with the development of the game.

    1. Thank you for the info, the website is very vague in who actually developed this game! (Edited article)

      But hey, I'm glad you liked the news update


    2. Yeah I guess at some point the website theme broke. The text is difficult to find on the site but it reads:

      Sonic Time Twisted is a game by Bryce "Overbound" Stock


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