The Killing Grounds & Flappy Bird get the Amiga CD32 treatment!

You may have noticed the lack of posts these last few days, that's because I haven't been well at all. So while I was bed bound I had the pleasure of playing the latest Earok Amiga CD32 ports of both Alien Breed 3D : The Killing Grounds and Flappy Bird. Whereas The Killing Grounds is a first person shooter, Flappy Bird is a tappable flappy game to avoid pipes.

Between which is the better game, it just has to be The Killing Grounds, especially as I hate Flappy Bird but also the fact that The Killing Grounds is a first person shooter that's very similar to Quake. Do note though that even in it's early days the game needed a beast of an Amiga and thanks to recent emulators it's perfectly playable.

The Killing Grounds is available to download from HERE
Flappy Bird is available to download from HERE

( Please note that posting should return to normal as from Monday )

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  1. I'll be back on monday for a start... ;)


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