Leading Lap MPV - AGA racer gets an Amiga CD32 conversion

Good afternoon gamers, I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thus with a new week it's a new Earok Amiga CD32 port and none other than Leading Lap MPV; a '95 AGA racing game for the Amiga. Although the game is fun to play as you race around the track at break neck speeds, it's no way as good as the brilliant Formula One, Still though atleast it's free and will probably be the last of the racing AGA conversions, so enjoy it and look forward to another release tomorrow.

Black Legend
Cover and controls screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok
The third and last of our AGA racing game conversions. A half decent racer arcade racer with a slick 3D engine, it's a little shallow and difficult to control but nonetheless we recommend this to fans of the genre.
Surprisingly for a game that (so far as we can tell) was never intended for an official release on the console, it features support for every single button on the joypad.
You can play without a keyboard, however as the game uses passwords you'll need a keyboard if you want to resume a previous game.
Available to download from the website HERE ( Make sure to either use chrome or remove adblock for download )

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