WinUAE 2.9.0 Beta 17 - The latest Amiga beta emulator PPC release

Toni Wilen has once again released another WinUAE beta for the Amiga/PC community and this time it's WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 17 which further improves the PPC support. I'm sure we can't be that far away from a final version of this great Amiga emulator, but as usual see the changelog for fix details and download links.

Beta 17:

- Hard reset now forces reload of KS ROM if maprom is active, previously map rom mapped image was still in use after hard reset.
- Fixed some more Z3 autoconfig bugs introduced in recent betas autoconfig updates.
- Only add VirtualAlloc() MEM_TOP_DOWN flag when OS is XP. For some unknown reason with MEM_TOP_DOWN my system suddenly started giving less address space than without it..
- A1000 with full KS ROM configured (instead of A1000 boot strap ROM) didn't boot since b9.
- Reset didn't clear QEMU PPC JIT translation buffer, fixes mysterious hangs after reset.
- Added main thread sleep option slider to GUI, reduces CPU usage when M68K is stopped and only PPC is active.
- PPC CPU model can be manually configured using ppc_model=<name> config entry. Can be any QEMU supported
PPC CPU model name string. (Model strings are in qemu source file target-ppc/cpu-models.c)
- Automatically disable m68k JIT autoconfig hack if only PPC CPU is active when autoconfig starts after reset.
- Fixed WarpOS (possible PowerUP too) semi-random program hang caused by lost PPC interrupt(s).
- Allow m68k JIT direct with accelerator board if board is not Blizzard model (no Blizzard memory aliases) CyberStorm PPC + m68k JIT direct at least seems to work, no guarantees.


- QEMU PPC libraries are now loaded from <winuae path>\plugins\qemu\. Old location is not supported anymore. Move all qemu dependency libraries and qemu-uae.dll to new path.

Available to download from HERE with a forum discussion available on the EAB site

Remember to make it a portable edition in another folder by creating a new blank WinUAE.ini file in your unzipped beta folder as not to screw over the previous final install 

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