A free tribute to Rob Hubbard Album - Legendary C64 composer

Not one to give this a miss but the latest retro remix music album has been released by GRG which showcases the legendary C64 composer Rob Hubbard. Born in 1955 and the creator of the most amazing tunes on the C64, he not only showcased the potential of the device but gave us music which far improved the gaming experience.

We’re proud to present you our third album “a Tribute to Rob Hubbard”. Get it now as free digital download! The album contains 13 new remixes by eight GRG members. It’s total playtime is around one hour. You can download the album as an MP3 and/or FLAC. 
01 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Mitch van Hayden] – Lightforce (GRG Nation Maximal Intro)
02 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Xenox] – Delta Loader
03 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Dr.Future] – Commando (Bluegrass Edit)
04 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by CZ-Tunes] – IK+ (SID Edit)
05 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Amok] – Sanxion Loader
06 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Eiz] – Human Race (SubTune IV)
07 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Snake-TMF] – Monty on the Run (Highscore)
08 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by SunSpire] – Budokan Medley
09 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Dr.Future] – Warhawk (Battle for DM)
10 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Mitch van Hayden] – Sanxion (Commodore is making Noise)
11 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by CZ-Tunes] – International Karate (Pokey Edit) [Return Exklusiv]
12 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Eiz] – Lightforce
13 – Rob Hubbard [remixed by Snake-TMF] – Ninja

Available to download from the website : Here

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