True Ending - The latest Dungeon Crawler gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

Take a sizeable chunk of Might & Magic 7, a pinch of King of Dragon Pass, a smidgen of Faster Than Light, a dash of Eternal Darkness, throw it in a bowl, stir in some originality, sprinkle with passion, et voila, you got yourself the recipe for True Ending, a very ambitious and promising RPG -- currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign.

True Ending incorporates the core functionality from Might & Magic 7 mixed with an improved quest engine, deep and layered story, castle building, council management and much more.

Your mission is to defend your central castle by building fortifications and managing the castle garrison, while crawling about, killing monsters and doing personal quests. The council offers an event-driven decision making system which influences the story and triggers dynamic outcomes.

According to the developer, Orvald Maxwell, the biggest improvement over Might & Magic 7 is the artificial intelligence (AI). Enemies use terrain to their advantage and know when to effectively use their skills against you.

Feature highlights:
  • The character generation system is borrowed from MM7 with 6 different races, 9 classes and 39 different skills each with three levels of upgrade
  • Tag-based dialogue system. Limited amount of NPC Talk Points - Every choice counts
  • Real Time and Turn Based Combat
  • Procedural world generated dynamically based on the player actions
  • Dynamic world flawlessly blends with roguelike mechanics (FTL) and abnormality system (Eternal Darkness)
  • Castle management is based on The King Of Dragon pass Clan Ring system
  • Very balanced difficulty, skills, party class combinations
  • Multiple endings
  • Hundreds of items to uncover
  • No fetch/escort/kill mob quests; Intelligent, story-driven quests only, hugely influencing the world itself
  • Challenging enemy AI - every enemy is custom-scripted to act inside its spawn environment

I am a huge fan of the Might & Magic series (except Might & Magic 9), and True Ending is shaping up to be a game I could throw a sack of money at.

If any of this tickles your fancy, head over to True Ending's Steam Greenlight page and vote!

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