Wanderers Chained in the Dark - High quality homebrew for the ZX Spectrum

Not to be out done by the great new year C64 releases, Russian based member goodboy has just put out a very fine home brew game for the ZX Spectrum. "Wanderers Chained in the dark" is a high quality Action, Adventure RPG release that has gathered very positive feedback from those that have played it such as "So far I love the graphics, the music and the interface!". Certainly an impressive title indeed and a great start to the new year for the ZX!

QAOP/6789 - to move
SPACE/0 - to select action
ZX - select item
C - description item
Enter - cancel in battle
M - toggle music on/off

SAM style - main coder, some gfx
SCL - map gfx, beta testing
SAND - title picture
RISKEJ - music
RASMER - beta testing

Download (TAP)

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