DaXX : Founder of the Raveblasters - A very top quality retro gaming DJ (Amiga/C64)

It's an early morning wake up and what am I doing? Listening to some great tunes of course! Tunes by the legend that is Bert Brüggemann (Aka daXX), who creates both Amiga and C64 remixes that sound amazing every time he updates with a new release. As such he's done over 500 Amiga mods and remixes through the years, with Soundtracker and Protracker, rating him in my opinion one of the best re-mixers of our time.  He is one of my favourites and this week not only did he remix a new tune with daXX - Stardust Memories (Amiga Remix) but he also has a SoundCloud so you can listen to many more of his amazing tracks!

If SoundCloud isn't to your liking, you can also listen and view many of his remix videos on YouTube, such as the jaw dropping Lotus III - Miami Ice 2015 remix, which I'd regard as one of his ultimate tunes.

Links : 1) SoundCloud 2) Youtube

Also as a mention there are other great artists on SoundCloud such as Jeroen Tel (link), but for all the best there is to offer it may be worth your time heading on over to both AmigaRemix (link) and the C64 remix site (link).

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