ADIÓS A LA CASTA - EPISODE 2 - The Amstrad gets a much improved homebrew sequel tease!

Not long ago, 4mhz released the first chapter of ' Adios a La Casta ' as a homebrew for the Amstrad CPC 6128 and 6128 Plus. It was an enjoyable game that required a 128k based system, that mixed it up with classic platforming fun, while pushing out smooth frame rates and inclusive of a decent soundtrack. But today's news is a bit more eye opening, as the developer has announced Adios a La Casta episode 2, which actually looks a much better game, taking advantage of the full colour range of the Amstrad CPC, unlike the blander pinks and purples of chapter 1. To coincide with this news, a new teaser trailer has been released!

As it was only just announced we don't have a release date, but what we can say is that a demo is due very soon!

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