Schütze Mike and the Treasure of the Inkas - Amiga game shown made in Backbone

Per-Ola Eriksson has been chucking game news at us again, as he has come across a rather interesting looking Amiga game called ' Schütze Mike and the Treasure of the Inkas ', which looks to be a work in progress and created by Steffen Baier(Reentier) using Backbone. Now if you look at the screen above your first thoughts would probably be Rick Dangerous, well if you watch the video it does have its similarities.

You see this game isn't so much a Rick Dangerous even though the character just about looks and walks as such, but Schütze Mike and the Treasure of the Inkas is going to be a jump and run title. Basically you have to run around the game levels, collect coins as fast as possible, while also jumping on enemies to kill them, which isn't like Rick Dangerous. As soon as we know more, you'll be the first to know :)

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