Quadron arcade game for ZX Spectrum released 30 years after creation!

If you're looking for a newish ZX Spectrum game to play then you might be interested to know, Cosmium has made available his Arcade 1980s Williams classic inspired game of 'Quadron', that is available to buy via itch.io and features fast arcade style gameplay, multiple weapons, enemies, collectables, powerups, and a pointer based status screen and scanner!

What makes this game rather special other than it being a cool looking ZX Spectrum game, is the fact that this unreleased game of the time was written in assembler over the course of two years and was originally completed back in 1988. Sadly as noted by the developer, the publisher of the game pulled out towards the end of development and the game remained unreleased along with plans to bring the game to the Amstrad CPC.

However all was not lost, as after being interviewed via Retro Gamer there was a renewed passion to bring the game to the masses and after working with the disassembly and his original notes as a kind of reverse engineering, with bugs and tweaks fixed, the game was finally released this month and available for all to enjoy!

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