Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch - Brand new C64 Port preview released

A long time ago, when I was but a teen. I remember going on Holiday to New York and it was the very first time I ever saw a 1980's Nintendo Game and Watch with a little guy that had to put out a fire. Sadly I was never able to buy one of them, and it wasn't until now that I heard a Game & Watch game was coming to the C64 in the form of ' Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch Preview '; a port by arlagames of the Donkey Kong Jr game originally released in 1982!

In this game you play as Donkey Kong Junior and must rescue your father Donkey Kong who has been imprisoned by Mario in his only appearance as an antagonist in a video game. The game was developed using 6502 assembler and works on both real hardware and under emulation, however as it is still an early release with development still to be done.

Links :1) Source 2) Trainer

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