Dungeons and Butter Goblins - An iPhone RPG dungeon crawler

Another kickstarter and it's our first iPhone game on Indie Retro News called Dungeons and Butter Goblins an RPG Dungeon Crawler by Nathan Trippe. I can't believe it's not butter because it isn't, Sorry I just had to get that one in ;).

Dungeons & Butter Goblins takes us back to the days of the dungeon crawler but makes it easily accessible on the iPhone. Although it doesn't have high end graphics, it fits neatly in the game screen and has a good control system, thus you can spend more time having fun and less time fiddling with any difficult controls. It's also nice to play a dungeon crawler while stuck on a train before work or bored in the school playground.

According to the kickstarter, the developer wants you to make a story, a great dungeon or even a villain for you to play. This reminds me very much of Dungeon Hack, a game long ago which when played either had different dungeons every time or the ones you created. Currently the game is in a functioning state with visuals and working systems (exploring, combat, recovering) in place.  The game begins with you in combat with a bunch of enemies, as the game progresses the game becomes much more difficult with not only a different assortment of enemies but of a higher level. So make sure you yourself the character is also leveled up! Your player has at least 4 weapons at your disposal but if you're not such a good attacker and your defense is broken, you will end up spending precious xp on healing, so that limits the leveling up.

The developer has stated that if the game does get enough support which I'm sure iPhone users would not want, the game will have more story elements, multiple dungeons, more random encounters, the balance of progression and ofcause far more monsters. When it comes to other games of its type, a player could get bored if there is a lack of differences in the monsters and well thought out dungeons, so lets hope that part of the dungeon crawler experience is available.

- Combat -

As this is one of the more important aspects of a Dungeon Crawler, lets delve into a little bit more of the combat. The combat in this game is Simple yet hard to master and you will have four attack types available for use - Swords, Spears, Bows, and Magic.  You will need to make sure when in combat to pick the right attack for the job, if an enemy is less damaged by Magic perhaps a good Sword attack might help.

Another point to the combat is leveling, now leveling is a big issue in most rpg games, some games can really put a person off if the leveling up is dealt with in the wrong way.  In Dungeons and Butter Goblins the damage and health is scaled with levels. The developer tells us in his kickstarter "We have programmed an algorithm to generate different increases in HP and Attack each time so you won't feel such a linear path". So it will be interesting to see  how the gamers react to this when they play the full game.

Another perhaps concern depending on who you ask is Death, now all games have some way of dieing however in D&B G it's a perm death system, if you die you get a high score, you lose and the game starts again, but this could change later in development depending on reaction. However the plus side is instead of the entire game starting again, you will just end up on the 1st level of the dungeon you are on.

 -Exploration -

Now exploration is one of the best parts of a Dungeon Crawler, it really makes you feel as if you are trapped in a dungeon, with long corridors menacing sounds, and creatures around every corner. This is also true of Dungeons and Butter Goblins, as the game progresses the player will go through levels of dungeons and try to get to the boss to obtain the object they are seeking to progress the story. Throughout the dungeon we will have events called random encounter scenarios. These are events that are meant to take the player away from the linearity of the constant battle system. This certainly adds to the exploration and feeling of this game, I also like the idea of the positive or negative outcome of making a descision such as "would you like to open that treasure yes or no?", I wonder if it contains a trap!

 -Story -

 The game doesn't have a specific story as such however according to the developer quote from the kickstarter itself it looks as if The game was specifically made to where the backers of this project will shape it.

 We want the gameplay to be engaging but also we want the players to enjoy the setting and characters of the game. The game was specifically made to where the backers of this project will shape it. We have multiple pledges having to do with character that will affect and define our story so we left it up to you guys' crazy minds. Villains and heroes are all available to be made by you all, and we look forward to what you guys come up with. We have many plans for funny references and puns. Sarcasm is also one thing we love. We want to blend it into a likable a fun story for you all and for us. By backing us you are becoming part of the team and help shape the game

So as an iPhone gamer, what are you waiting for?, head over to the kickstarter page and get that pledge in, especially as I'm a huge Dungeon Crawler fan the more crawlers we have the better! The pledge goal is a decent aim for this title at only $2,500 but so far they've only had a few backers of $6, however it is a new kickstarter, so early days yet!

Current release date : February 2013 with all KickStarter rewards included.

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