Indie Retro News - Update : We are Hiring! :

Good morning readers, the sun is shining and I'm here writing articles to keep the news flowing and the members happy! Just a short update from us at Indie Retro News, keep an eye on the site in the next few months or so as not only do we have more news articles to post but we will have interviews with developers currently on kickstarter and interviews with others aswell.

We will even be doing pod casts and video one to one's. If that doesn't pull you in, well.... keep an eye on the site through Christmas time, as we will have some pretty great game giveaway's! The beta key giveaway we did the other day was just a teaser!. Also expect more classic retro games and brand new indie news! it's going to get crazily good here :)

However a request to you the reader, we need more Americans or even other EU contributors!, strange as it may sound a lot of us on Indie Retro News are British so when we go to bed, the news stops flowing. So by having an American and EU contributor or two the news will keep going through the night.  

Can you do short you tube game playthroughs, perhaps with a bit of back story to the game it doesn't matter if it's a retro game ( Amiga, Amstrad, Snes ) or a brand new indie game, we want to hear from you!

Interested in the latest gaming news and want to contribute but worried about what to say yet, want to get involved?. Then come to us we will show the ropes ( as long as you can spell and write neatly ). It doesn't have to be a long contribution either, as long as it tells people what the game is with a screen shot or two and where to find it then that's grand!

We also need Reviewers, someone who can write a well thought out review of the latest game or even an old retro title. You must be able to spell correctly and write in neat paragraphs, some of our readers can spot the smallest mistake. We can show you how to use the editing software, it's so simple!

Be apart of the site now because it's growing and growing, at some point Indie Retro News will  be very well known and for good reasons. You can contact us either by EMAIL , Facebook , Steam, and even twitter

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