Lemmings - The Ultimage Compilation : The Amiga pc playable Puzzle/Platformer (REMAKE)

A lovely treat for you the viewer today and more towards our Amiga retro gamers. We have a comedy/gorish Puzzle/Platformer called Lemmings. published by Psygnosis and developed by DMA.  Not just that this compilation contains all of the Lemmings sequels such as  Holiday Lemmings 1993, Holiday Lemmings 1994, Lemmings, New Year Lemmings 1991-92, Oh No! More Lemmings, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, All New World Of Lemmings, Lemmings Demo and Lemmings - Holiday demo all playable in one simple exe on your PC!

 Released in 1991 this little gem hit the gaming world by storm, it was no simple Platformer of getting the little Lemmings to the exit, but there were many traps and falls which either hindered you or killed you outright. This game was such a laugh with friends, seeing those little blighters getting squashed, burned or any other form of terrible gorish death. At times you felt sorry for them, but most of the time the player ends up skipping the exit altogether and just heading for the traps. If that wasn't enough the game had a nuke option, which sent all the little lemmings into a suicidal frenzy blowing themselves up into a million pieces, oooh yes! DIE LEMMINGS DIE Muahahaha.

This all time classic Amiga game is now playable directly on your PC in one easy to use exe. Not just that, it's been remade/remastered with a rather nice graphical filter.  Just load the exe, select the lemmings version you want and run!
- Pressing F12 during gameplay gives you extra options

( May as of yet not be compatible with Windows 8 )

Website & Download

( Please note that all of the exe's and demo's that are posted are virus clean, some virus cleaners do give false positives )

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