War for the Overworld - Epic new (RTS/God Game) Dungeon Keeper Style Kickstarter

When visiting the kickstarter website sometimes you just get so excited about certain games, that there is no question what needs an instant pledge and what needs an overnight think. But this one is looking like it could be well be an instant hit with the gamers. Titled : War for the Overworld this is an RTS/God Game with elements of Dungeon Keeper Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius. Developed by Subterranean Games a British company!

As was stated above, War for the Overworld has many great elements from similar games such as the well known Dungeon Keeper. Your dark abode lies beneath the earth of a tranquil peaceful like empire and will do everything in their power to stop you. In this under ground lair you have the power to create vast dungeons filled with evil minions to do your bidding, to stop and crush the good guys who wish to enter the great halls of your dungeon. Not often we play the bad guys, just the way I like it.

The player has the ability to not just cast demonic spells but the ability to call upon great underground armies and build deadly traps, can you stop all that is good and honorable?, will you be scattering the bodies of dead enemies on the floor for fun?

You are the designer, no dungeon is ever the same because you create it as you see fit! long winding corridors or open areas full of deadly traps, everything is started from scratch, the feeling of god like power is in your hands.  Everything that happens in this game is real time so quick decisions are a must especially if the enemies start rushing through the doors, thus if you make a bad dungeon and don't think out your strategy you will fail!

As an Underlord you have the power to call down terrifying spells to wreak havoc and misery upon your foes. But there are spells available to help your minions out, I wonder if I can call down misery on my minions too heh heh. In addition to spells, some of your minions have begun to dabble in the occult and have found many sinful rituals that will influence the entire battlefield

Such as in Dungeon Keeper, your minions will require food but it will be interesting to see if they need chickens or some other nutrient. With higher level more skilled minions, it's not just food they need but gold and probably lots of it!

Another similarty to DK are the rooms and traps, with each new room created with a specific design this is able to draw in more minion types. But all that is well and good but if those rooms have no defenses, the good guys will just come in wipe you out and take the gold. But with a good trap set up, not only will your minions be safe but those nice good guys will be splattered all over your lovely dungeon, perhaps their screams will be heard through out the underground world. Hopefully the developers have thought up some new trap ideas during the kickstarter as I want lots of them!

War for the Overworld does contain research which is essential for any god game, especially as you need to design better rooms and better traps. In this game they call it the Schools of Evil, as the developer states In the Archives your minions will research the three veins of evil (Sloth, Greed, and Wrath) to grant you the rooms, traps, and spells that you want to play with.

But what about the campaign?, in War for the Overworld the game starts where you face off against the righteous Emperor Stockington and the vast armies of his Sterling Empire.  The mighty generals have been called in preparation for a war, most likely to wipe you out! There will be Further chapters of the campaign and plans for additional story features will be revealed soon!

A sandbox and multiplayer mode has been announced with the kickstarter, so those of us who like a good friend to battle against or the ability to build our own dungeons without the restraints of the campaign are already thought of. But that's not all, this is the current list below of what's in store for us the gamer

  • Matchmaking & Ranking - We will implement skirmish matchmaking, ranked ladders, and player statistics for a fully realized multiplayer experience.
  • 2 Lords 1 Dungeon - Cooperative control of the same Dungeon. 
  • Console Support - We will develop a console friendly interface which will allow us to support Ouya & Steam Big Picture, and possibly the Xbox Live Arcade & PlayStation Network.
  • Hero Mode - Control an advanced hero (additional spells and leveling system) in our take on a classic dungeon crawler.
  • Extended Underlord Campaign - We will add additional chapters to the Underlord campaign. 
  • Empire Campaign - Play as the Empire and battle a series of Underlords in a full-length campaign chapter.
  • Co-op Campaign - Team up and take on the Empire with your friends.
  • Competitive Campaign - Assume the role of an Underlord or the Empire and fight one another in a full-length versus campaign chapter.
  • Arcade Campaign - Golf, Dodgeball, Whack-A-Dwarf, Tag, & more
  • The Adventures of Stumpy the Imp - Take control of Stumpy the Imp as he ventures through a full-length first person campaign through the Underworld.
  • Survival Mode - A co-op survival mode where you and your friends must build an impenetrable fortress to fend off ever increasingly difficult waves of enemies - who can survive the longest against this onslaught?
  • Underworld MOBA - A MOBA multiplayer map with advanced versions of our units enhanced for an action packed experience.
As a brilliant teaser they also have a Showcase for us to try out hence the quote below, so thanks guys it gives us a great taster of what's to come, so we can spend our money.

The Playable Showcase is a way for you to experience the world we have begun to create. Here, you will assume control of a Blood Imp and be able explore a small dungeon and the surrounding area. As our Kickstarter Campaign progresses we will be opening doors and adding additional content, so check back regularly!

I seriously cannot wait! This could well be the game we've all been waiting that matches Dungeon Keeper in both game style and great game play. It's been years, we've had games before claiming to have Dungeon Keeper Similarities, but this new game War for the Overworld looks to be shaping up damn fine, so my wallet is already out on the table to start pledging.

As of this article they currently are at £8,657 of £150,000 so get going gamers, head over and pledge if you want a little bit of Dungeon Keeper on your systems.

Website: https://wftogame.com/

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