WarZ - Katana Additions!

The developers of WarZ are giving us all a free gift, basically to say Sorry for all we've had to put up with. This gift is basically a new addition to the game, a brand new weapon for you to slice and dice your enemies to a bloody mess. Yes they are adding a Katana, but that's not all!

Everyone will be getting their very own UNIQUE Katana, which no one else will have access to unless they kill you of cause. However my concern with this is, the hackers and as such I do not recommend bringing out your Katana at all, not until they've fixed the protection atleast.

Here's the snippet from the game devs
As a token of gratitude for all of your support and patience with The War Z we will be adding Katana's to the game! What you say? That's not very impressive... Yeah I know Not only that but we will also be giving everyone a UNIQUE Katana! No one else will have access to these... unless they kill you <Highlander> There can be only one!</Highlander>.

These items do not exist in any form so they must be made from scratch; we will have them ready late next week.

Thanks for being here and your continued support!

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