High quality Amiga games for your PC? The Company.pl are BACK!

Every day I've checked The Company.pl website for the latest news about the v2.6 release of Amiga games for your PC, and today that news has finally arrived. Some may say to me, so "what's this all about?". Well.... The Company.pl are releasing as many Amiga games as possible that work right off the bat on your PC, it's as easy as running the file. They have also enhanced the Amiga game(s) with a high quality filter and compatible with all Windows versions, yes including Windows 8 with the V2.6 release. There is no need to get the system files and the main file contains an inbuilt emulator, so it's ready to play. So here comes 4 fantastic new or shall I say old, updated Amiga titles for your enjoyment.

First up is FLOOD, released in 1990 by Bullfrog. The game involves completing the levels as fast as possible before the rising waters throughout the game drown your Quiffy character. Also a long the way the objective is to collect all the litter and get to the exit.


The next game is Toki, released in 1991 and developed by Ocean. In this Arcade Platformer, the player takes control of a special kind of Ape, recently transformed from a Human, who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth . The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on your character; therefore transforming him from an Ape back into a Human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess


Thirdly we have Benefactor, released in 1994 and developed by Digital Illusions. In Benefactor, you play as a character called Ben, who has resigned from the military to become a good guy. Your mission is to save a group of "Merry Men", who have been kidnapped from their home planet and imprisoned over 60 levels. Each of the 60 levels have different themes. Although Benefactor is a platform game, it also contains Puzzles. It has a similar concept to Psygnosis's earlier, very successful Lemmings series of games, but also adds its own ideas. As the player, you will to avoid all enemy creatures (hitting them would reduce health), and pull switches to extend the land, or many other things. To open the cells to help save the Merry Men, you have to find the Keys.


And last of all, the fourth game. It's P. P. Hammer And His Pneumatic Weapon, a title released in 1991.  P. P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon is a platform game with puzzle elements. In the game, you control a character called P. P. Hammer, who is on a quest to discover and acquire all treasures from a series of more than 60 levels. P. P. Hammer carries a jackhammer, which allows him to drill through a block he's standing next to. Each level in the game is made up of certain blocks, and contains various things including treasures, enemies, locked doors, bonus items and traps. This is also one of many games that i've not played on the Amiga!


Firstly Register on the site, it's free and worth it!

Instructions for all games- Download - Run Exe - Select the game to play - Press F12 in game to set up extra settings. The packages have been virus checked, if you get any warnings it's a false positive.

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