Blizzard releases the classic Blackthorne for FREE!

Game Type : Action, Arcade, Platformer
Developer : Blizzard
Game Info : Heads up gamers as Blizzard has released the classic retro platforming game Blackthorne into the wild. Blackthorne was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in the early 90's for the SNES and MS-DOS. There was also an enhanced graphics and a higher color version for the Sega 32X in 1995 and even the Mac in 1996. This game is both fun and visually appealing as you guide your hard arsed character through a multitude of levels, blasting with shotgun in hand and talking to npcs. The game can also be described as a mix of Another World and Prince of Persia with a great story, and platforming action. Your task to seek revenge on Sarlac.
Systems : PC
Release : Now(FREE)

Download now while it's still available!

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