Shadowgate - Epic point and click Adventure and Kickstarter success! (Steam Greenlight)

Game Type : Point and Click Adventure
Developer : Zojoi
Kickstarter Success$137,232 pledged of a $120,000 goal!
Game Info Announcement : So begins the legend of Shadowgate - the granddaddy of all 'point and click' fantasy adventure games and NES favourite! Zojoi, the creators of Shadowgate, are proud to announce the re-imaging of Shadowgate! While we love all of the versions of the original game (especially the NES version!), this new game is not simply a port. They have updated Shadowgate with lots of new puzzles! Stunning new rooms have also been added - as well as familiar locations, many that they redesigning to provide a new play experience while retaining the essence and fun of the original.
Systems : PC, Mac
Release : Early 2014

Steam Greenlight page :
Main Website :

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