Darkness - Psytronik Software releases another top quality game for the C64!

You may be forgiven in thinking that there are no longer games made for retro based systems such as the C64, but here comes another top quality title from the well known developers Psytronik Software, who are very keen in keeping the C64 name alive (read our previous article as an example). Darkness is their latest release and features a massive 100 screen game, as you help the adventurer Stan rescue his girl in a sprawling jungle map. This could be Psytronik's best game yet as it contains lush locations, an atmospheric soundtrack, plenty of action and much more. If you have a C64 or playing through an emulator you'll not want to miss this!

DARKNESS is NOW AVAILABLE from Psytronik Software in the following formats:-
         C64 tape - presented in a clear cassette case with full-colour glossy inlay.
Budget C64 disk - presented in a glossy disk sleeve with full colour label.

Premium C64 disk - presented in a clear plastic 5.25" case with glossy printed artwork.
ULTIMATE EDITION - presented in a large box with glossy full colour artwork + poster / map.

C64 cartridge - Available soon from  RGCD.


- Thanks Matthias Straczkowski for the heads up


  1. You should do an interview with one of those dudes who make games on old platforms. I'd love to know what drives them to do stuff like this. Why not make an 8-bit inspired game on a new system instead? As much as I love C-64 I'm not really into playing new games on it.

  2. INDIERETRONEWS26 May 2014 at 23:58

    Sounds like a grand idea Ian, might be something one of our retro specialists could write up. Cheers :)


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